At PheeNix Boutique, we pride ourselves on being a low-to-no waste company by carrying low-to-no stock.

This is how we do it...

From graphics & patterns to branding & tags, all of the design work is done by PheeNix Boutique artists. Unfortunately, there is not a supplier in the USA for for every product line we carry. For our overseas products we make sure we partner with companies that commit to responsibly sourcing sustainable materials and are ethical employers.

Once you make a purchase, our partner then prints, cuts, and hand-assembles each and every piece! Your order may take a little longer than other big box stores but, by using this model, we are able to ensure high-quality products and reduce production waste. This is the bulk of the time frame that it takes to receive your order.

If you order more than one type of product, you may receive your order in more than one package.  We do not charge any extra shipping for this process. Express shipping is available for many of our items.

This made-to-order business model allows us to operate in a safe, ethical manner with minimal environmental impact.

We want to be remembered for the quality of products we carry, not the waste we leave behind. Nearly zero inventory and ethically sourced materials eliminate environmental damages caused by excess stock and mass production.